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    About us
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    Yunnan Linyuan Perfume Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. It is developed from original Yunnan Simao Perfume Plant. In 2008, it was moved into Liujie Industrial Park of Yimen County. It is a private enterprise with register capital of RMB 21.8 million Yuan. Our company is mainly engaged in selling of borneol raw material, perfume products and forest chemicals.

    Our company covers an area of 38,000 m2 and a construction area of 25,000 m2. Currently, there are 3 production lines with annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of rosin, 3,000 tons of turpentine and 3,000 tons of rosin resin, 4,000 tons ofα-pinene, 1,000 tons ofβ-pinene, 1,000 tons of borneol.

    Our company is fixed as top 50 key enterprises in bio-pharmaceutical industry among “the 12th Five-Year Plan” period by Yunan Development and Reform Commission and Yunnan Medical Industry Association. Since 2011, it has been awarded of many honor titles, such as, “Provincial Forestry Key Enterprise”, “Yuxi Key Agriculture Enterprise”, “Yuxi Landscape Corporation”, “Excellent Private Enterprise” and “Yunan High-tech Enterprise”. From 2012 to 2014, it was praised as “environmental protection advanced enterprise” by Yimen County People’s Government. In August, 2014, it cooperated with East China University Of Science and Technology to establish “Tianhe Academician Workstation”.

    Our “Sixiu” brand borneol was awarded honor title of “Yunna famous brand” in December, 2013. In addition, “Sixiu” brand has been praised as “Yuxi famous trademark” and “Yunnan famous trademark”. Our borneol material passed GMP authentication in March, 2015. And it gained “golden prize” in 2nd International Forestry Expo. 

    In July and September, 2014, our company was chose as visit site by “Asia Perfume Meeting” and “World Perfume Meeting”. 

    According to statistics by China Native Products Import and Export Association, the sales of our borneol product are among national 1st position in 2012, 2013, and 2014. At present, our company is largest manufacturer of borneol product in China.

    There is technology research center in our company. And our laboratory covers an area of 1,000 square meters. And we have advanced equipments, including, borneol separation and purification equipment, borneol separation and purification equipment, gaschromatograph and melting point detector, with total value of about 1 million Yuan. And our company has 7 technical backbones, including 2 with senior titles.
    Yunnan Linyuan Perfume Co., Ltd. has built strategic cooperation relationship with Tianjin TASLY PHARM. Co., Ltd. We carry out ingredient identification, pharmacology research and toxicology research together. “Compound Danshen dripping pills” has completed I state and II stage clinical test in America FDA. And the III stage clinical test is under work. Meanwhile, our company keeps long term cooperation and communication with Southwest Forestry University and Yunan Plant Research Institute. 

    Our company has leading technology in turpentine separation and purification, and borneol manufacturing aspects. We have successively improved safety technology of α-pinene, light oil separation and recycle technology, borneol manufacturing equipment, extraction technology of turpentine high purityα-pinene, andβ-pinene, and high-purity micro powder borneol manufacturing technology.

    In proprietary intellectual property rights aspect, our company has gained 11 patents, including 9 patents for utility models and 1 patent for invention with certificate of authentication issued by State Intellectual Property Office.

    In 2014, our operation revenue reached RMB65.72 million Yuan with taxation of profit about over 5 million Yuan. Our total assets are RMB 82.61 million Yuan.

    In 2015, our company, relying on Academician Workstation, will make efforts to increase diversification and improve product research in following aspects, including, raw material bases construction, mulberry polysaccharide project construction, food grade rosin production project. And we expect our annual operation revenue will breakthrough RMB 150 million Yuan in 2015.

    Yunnan Linyuan Perfume Co., Ltd. insists on tenet of “scientific development and dealing with concrete issues” to improve interior management and strengthen construction of party branch and labor union organization. The party branch has been honored with “advanced party branch” and “innovative unit”. The labor union organization has been honored with “advanced labor union”, “advanced staff home” and “harmonious labor relations enterprise”.

    In future, Yunnan Linyuan Perfume Co., Ltd. will do the best to realize technology innovation and economical development. We would like to make contribution to local economic development.

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